Heyyy folks! I am back from a supremely stress-free vacation and what better way to get to work than putting up a blogpost. I love travelling through my country and to take the essence of the place along with me for inspiration. For today’s throw, I have used the Indian impression as my moodboard.

This post has a piece of heart because I have always been an old school girl and loved things with some traditional touch. I tried keeping this look lightweight and effortless with a dash of desi, as it is exactly explaining my current state of mind too.

I hope you guys like this look, enjoy the pictures!

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Hello guys, it’s a been while but I am back on the track again! For today’s blogpost, I wanted to do something catchy and comforting. My saree loving soul couldn’t wait for a long time and I am bringing back the secret solution of shirt style blouse blessed by ethnic loving fashionistas.

I have tried keeping this look both traditional and trendy but more towards being edgy contemporary. The idea of teaming up saree with a classic shirt gives the the perfect fusion touch and makes for a winning outfit. Well, for me it surely does. So ditch your regular saree blouses and add a twist to your saree look with the classic shirts. Also, let me know what you think about this look. Enjoy the pictures!

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Hello everyone! It’s been a long long time that I have come up with something in Indian fashion and the desi in me is being restless to do so. Today’s blogpost is all about the grace and glamour that I have in store for you.

For this look, I chose this hot number from Label Ritu Kumar and paired it with a Banarasi dupatta. Adding the required bling with a Kundan Polki necklace set and heavy eye makeup. This would be my go to look for most of the family functions this year, what will be yours?

Enjoy the pictures and tell me how do you think about it!

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Hello Guys! As you might have guessed from the title, this blogpost is a pattern clashing street style inspiration. Though the thought of mixing wildly clashing prints and patterns may stress you out, pulling off this ultimate power look is totally doable. For today’s take we have a print-on-print-on-print look.

Spreading patterns out across the outfit is the idea and the simpler and more graphic the prints, the easier they are to mix. This is why I went for stripes with other prints along. This is a transit turnout which gives winter warm and screams spring too. For controlling these complicated prints, no extra accessories have been used to calm things down.

Tell me how did you like this look?

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Hey Folks! How are you guys doing? We are in the last few weeks of winter and what better way to bid bye with something more chilled than them, Haha! In this blog post I have come up with a colour coordinating look which appears to be a mashup of both sporty and feminine.

Puffer jackets are all over the place this season and the best part about them is that they are not meant to look well-dressed but relaxed and easy. It can be worn practically to serve you well for winters or casually as straight-up statement piece. I went tonal and paired bright bold colours together, making the jacket an integral part of my colour palette. Balancing it with sneakers and glasses for a sporty style pretty much without sacrificing a slim silhouette.

I love how this eye-popping orange-on-orange execution has turned out, what are you people waiting for? Fashion up your puffers down the runway and shine like a street style star, loud and proud!

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Warm greetings guys! This is the last blog post of the year and I wanted it to be a fulfilled fashion feature. For today’s look, I have experimented to make the cosiest of outfit look chic. Dressing head to toe in one colour is something that gives us a sophisticated style and here’s how I made the trend work this winter.

I was sure that I wanted it to be a all one hue outfit which is super simple yet looks stylish. I opted for contrast textures of the same colour and picked a muted tone for subtle impact. The jacket, top and pant are of same colour but different shade which is giving the whole outfit an interesting twist. Adding small touch of pop in the form of accessory, like this bag has lift the ensemble and given it that required oomph.

I had a lot of fun creating and shooting this look, tell me what you guys think about it. Also, wishing you all a blithe new year!

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Hello everyone! I am super stoked and happy at the same time, as we have completed three years of my blog. Today I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for sticking around and supporting me throughout this journey. I feel grateful to have such amazing audience and honestly this wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. Because of all this, I can truly say that I love my work where I get to learn so many things and it has eventually made me a self reliant and self confident women.

There were days when I wanted to quit but I was determined on not being one of those who give up because it got hard. When you put yourself out on social media, praises and criticises are part in parcel of it. But it was easy to take it with you people together, as we are a family of 56,000 now, that’s huge for me! Apparently, this number game doesn’t matter much to me but seeing yourself grow everyday is the most beautiful feeling. I couldn’t have gotten when I am without you, so thank you again for all the encouragement, likes, comments and more. It really means a lot to me. All the statics and support has been so satisfying and motivating to me.

I am pumped and positive more than ever and on my way to have a successful year ahead. Are you with me?

Attaching some pictures showing my excitement if words weren’t enough,enjoy!