Hello everyone! Today’s topic is little sensitive and solicitous. This is solely a concept driven post and does not aim at attracting unwanted attention. Coming at it, all of us are mindful of Menstruation and how those are the most gut wrenching days for any women. But that’s not all that we go through, there are sequence of events that occur within our bodies and we feel contrary on each day of it. This article is about those stages and focus on what we feel in the course of our period cycle in progression of portraits.
Most women bleed for 3-5 days and the menstrual cycle is considered to begin on the first day of a period. I have considered an average cycle of 28-30 days. Following counting is a general graph covering only the emotional aspect and roots my empirical encounter which may differ from person to person as not every cycle is the same.

When Periods Starts and Pain Too

When Periods Ends and we are Relieved

When Testosterone Escalates and we are all Charged Up

When Estrogen Peaks and we are more Gregarious

When Ovulation Occurs, Estrogen Drops and there’s Sudden Hormonal Change 

When Progesterone Surges and we Conquer PMS
Until another time, we do it all again!




Hello guys! I am finally over my birthday babalaas and ready to serve you with some style spiced content. It has been almost three years that I am blogging and interacting with you all, to my dismay, I learned that I barely share my personal life and likings on this platform. As now we are a big fat family of forty thousand and more I thought of letting you all sneak into my slamblog. These are few random and regular facts about me that will you help you know me more. I have modified the idea by making it into fashion photo file than to just pen it down. Certainly there would be many things that you guys would want to know, so just shoot them in the comments below and I shall answer all of them adding some craft and creativity to it. For now, let’s get into my slamblog, shall we? 

MY AGE- I am twenty two years old. I am the child of the nineties, born in August’96.

MY TATTOO & PIERCINGS- I have one tattoo and two upper ear piercings other than the normal lobe ones. I am planning to get more as I write this blogpost. The tattoo is dedicated to my inspiration, my mother! It says ‘MAA’ along with her birthdate in Roman numerals.

MY MOST LIKED COLOUR- Black is my all time favourite colour. It’s classic, timeless and can be paired with any given colour due to its versatility.There was literally a time, when all I had were black clothes in my wardrobe.

MY PREFERRED PASSTIME- I am a huge movie buff and the perfect way of passing my free time is to either watch Bollywood movies online while binge eating or scroll through my phone. 

MY DREAM CAREER- I wish that my work takes me to places, allows me to expand my horizons, see the world, meet new people and exchange ideas. I aspire to travel and transform for good.

Until nextime,



Hey you all! How have you guys been? Let me start by thanking each one of you for taking out time and showering me with such wonderful wishes on my birthday. You all have my heart! I know, it’s past a week that I have posted a blog but if you guys follow me Instagram, you’d know that I was holidaying in Rajasthan and required that birthday break. Rajasthan is home to heroic history and astounding architecture. There’s whiff of royalty and a routine of being regal. It has art and culture in every part and place. I had an amazing time and tan!
While I was there, I thought to shoot something that would sate my vacation withdrawals later. I have created a contemporary cast which has a rage of its own. For the look, I wore a traditional purple lehenga with gold zari work above crushed metallic tunic. To bang it up to date I paired it with lavender sneakers and put a finish with customary nath, earrings and hath phool. 

Send me words of how you like this look and I shall see you next week some crazy content. 

Until then, 



Our life and the way we live it is the outcome of the processes that we go through broached as phases of life. Everything that we make happen and everything that happens to us follows a processed pattern which depends on our decisions and dynamics. The toughest time is to wait for the results or returns of our hard work and hustle. Results are momentous and it can make or break our mood and mind in a jiffy. Inspite of that, what we always forget is to praise the process that we went through. We forget to probe that our results totally depend on process that took place. We condemn countless causes that affect our result but fail to focus on the process. We always want our results to satisfy us. What we often don’t realise is that the process of any accomplishment or abandon gives us many teachings. It gives us the power of believing in ourselves, creating our personalities, building a journey that we would never forget and making us the person that we are. So why not trust and travel through this process enjoying everything that it offers and make the most out of it? 
Trusting the process prepares us to accept the result no matter however it turns out to be. It assembles us to not get affected by it and continue working towards our target. It develops the way we perceive things and polishes our skills so that even if we fail, the next time we attempt, we ought to rise to greater heights. Trusting the process gives us the strength to pursue our goal and proceed forward. Just like these idols in making behind me are sculpted with same amount of art and experience by the sculptor, there would be that one idol which outshines others. But still all of them would be worshipped with equal love and devotion. The beauty of these idol lies in the process of creating it and in its presence to the devotees. Similarly, if we trust and tag along the process, our aim will be attained and ultimately reach our destination whilst enjoying the journey of getting there. 
Hope you connect with me on this. As the festive season approaches make sure you enjoy to the fullest. Shubh Shravan! 



Where do we wish to go after a long tiring day? Where do we feel most comfortable? Where do we find the warmth in relationships and coldness of the rifts between them? HOME! 

Home does not only refers to a living place but can also be found in soul, space, anything that we sought solace in. Ever since I have started discovering myself, the only thing I keep coming back to is Nature. According to me, it has something to offer to each one of us. For some it is a shelter, for someone it is a teacher in the school of life, for some it is a resource and for someone it is a realisation of the the most complicated thing in its simplest form. For me, it is my HOME! 

I believe that it is not always about the scenic views or pleasant atmosphere but experiencing the elements of them. Just sauntering in soil, feeling the air on my face, listening to the sound of water flowing and the power of sunlight is my comfort cheer that makes me feel home, helps me grow and get back to my roots. Its my therapy that makes me cognisant of where I belong and do things that makes me a better being in whatever capacity I can. This is what makes me stay humble and HOMEGROWN! 

Until next time, 



Priya pathak kripaya dhyaan de! Iss lekh ki prerna bhartiya railway aur yatrigan se li gayi hai. Yeh ek rachanaatmak praroop hai. Main asha karti hu ki aapko yeh prayatn pasand aaye!

I worked really hard on that, anyhoo how you guys doing? As promised, I have worked on weather wear and have tried making it congenial and connecting to you all. I am sure that each one of us have travelled by train at least once. As a Mumbaikar, local trains have been part of my life. You can’t take local trains out of any Mumbaikars life, lets not consider Bombayites here. (Yes, for me these two terms refer to totally different set of people) 

For this blog spot, I took insights of railway stations and commuters. From college going students to working crowd, from vendors to workers. The crowd has different journeys, stories and moods. Everyone has contrary choices of passing their time while they wait for their savaree (सवारी).

This is my interpretation on walks of train travelling and I captured everything I could with a little spice of style. Let me know what you guys think about this and share your local train trivia too. 

Until next time,



Hello guys! How is your week treating you? I am spending my week at home, working! The other day, I was having a little chat with my mother while going through her old pictures. She told me how her outfits were totally inspired by iconic Bollywood actresses like Zeenat Aman, Parveen Babi and Neetu Singh. My mother has always had a distinct style and she manages to carry that even today. She continues to wear her comfort clothes where palazzos have replaced bell bottom pants. She is quite simple, not-so-social in other words my complete opposite that I thought of recreating her style. Needless to say, I had to add my drama to it. 

Talking about todays look, I chose the entire ensemble from Rheson’s 80s collection. I found it appropriate for the dramatic theme through which the romance shirt and palazzo are taking me back in time. To accessorise, I chose these retro glasses and hefty hoops. I dedicate this blogpost to my mother, who’s been an inspiration for me all my life and who has given me the confidence to embrace the style that stands out. 

How do you guys like this look? Let me know in the comments below! Coming up with exciting looks on weather wears next week.

Until then,