Hello, I hope you are doing well ! Long time, no see. Sorry for not being active here for the longest time. I was caught up with a lot of things, also was lacking in creativity. But nevertheless I am here, with all new and fresh content. And I hope you guys stick and support me the way you do and I am so grateful to have readers like you all.

So let’s get into today’s post,

Spring is the time to get rid of raggedy tees and sweatshirts and also sweaters with holes. Replace them with fresh new basics and all your favourite neutrals !

I recently did a wardrobe clean out in preparation for summer and it felt so great to give my wardrobe a refresh and get back to basics. At the start of each season I like to make sure I have plenty of staple pieces that I know I’ll get a lot of use of. It’s always great to have pieces that are easy to mix and match.

Typically, I like to stick to neutrals. However it’s always fun to throw in a little color or a print that’s not too loud. Wearing white in the hot season is anything but radical yet remains a staple look. A trend that will always be IN and summer associated, although it’s a look that has spread it’s classiness in autumn and winter as well.

One of my favourite color combinations for summer is white and gold. There is something so clean and crisp about wearing white and gold accents seem to match those summer tans and sunny highlights. Exactly what I did for this look.

Hope you all liked this post.

Until next time !


Amaze// 2017

Hello you guys, how are you doing? I am super excited about the new year, new chances and new adventures. So with the last day of the year tomorrow, Can you believe it?! It’s about that time to start thinking about your New Years Eve plans and figuring out what your night’s going to look like.

I want to keep this story short as I won’t ramble how my year was, It was Amazing and I am just grateful all I can say ! Talking about the outfit which I am wearing here, 2017 is been a year of various fashion trends, Co-ord Set and Velvet are one of them. And I cannot deny the fact that I am completely hooked, as you can figure out in this look. I am completely sorted for New Years ! I love this look, it is so unique and the detailing is just stunning !

Also, thank you for being a part of my 2017 ! I love you all and Happy New year❤️

Until Next time,


Here are the pictures, Enjoy !


Hello, how you guys have being? Hope you all are doing great ! I was planning to this post since a very long time, finally decided to sit and pen it down. I completed 2 years of blogging, for me it is not just time. It has been 2 years full of growth and learning, pushing my limits, challenging my comfort zone every now and then. It has evolved me into a better person. To the people I met, Brands I have worked with is completely an experience that I will cherish forever. It feels great when people recognise me, but it is an altogether different feeling when you guys appreciate my work.

As we go through life, it’s easy to get caught up in the status quo. You start to believe that average is acceptable and that since others are settling, then it’s okay to do the same, as soon as you notice this start to happen, something must be done to snap out of it. Comparing ourselves to others is a losing battle. Not only do we look for things we lack but we find ourselves in the feeling of lack. Comparing takes the focus off you and onto that person, yet your power lies in things you can affect in your life. Start to shift your focus on things that are going right in your life and pay attention to the person looking back in the mirror.

Doing new things that you suck at is the perfect way to throw yourself into an uncertain situation. It strengthens your relationship with uncertainty and the fears and emotions that go with it. You won’t always succeed. You’ll possibly suck big time. You’re sure to fail once or twice. But every time you do, you will grow ten times stronger, if you want to change your life, the only way is to get moving ! Walk your talk and take action.

I will be forever grateful to you all, for constantly loving and supporting me.

Until next time,



Hello you guys, I am back and all refreshed ! Hope you all are doing great, I am glad that you people loved the recent travel pictures on Instagram. Will be doing a post on it soon.

Talking about today’s look, I posted a sneak peak of this story a while back, was caught with other work, but hey it has finally made a way here !

Make this winter a bold one, My favourite style is to mix and match vibrant hues to create outfits that are both fresh and fashion forward. I love color blocking if you guys don’t know,it’s one of those basic design principles that never really goes away and can be used in so many ways. So spruce up your style this winter by adding a little color blocking to your outfit.

Using the yellow velvet pants and a red bodysuit, not to forget the jacket which is my current favourite, I love how it keeps me cozy ! I used the color scheme of the bag to add on the rest of the look. Not only are details a great way to spice up this trend, they also show off your personal style !

Keep Loving.

Until next time,


Nightsuit glam, ft. Clovia fashion !

Hello you awesome people out there, how are you doing? I have lot of things going in my life right now, firstly I want to thank each and every one of you. I got featured on Inspiro India’s website as their ‘blogger of the week’, drum rolls ! It’s just the start, gonna be a long and amazing journey ahead. Couldn’t get here without you guys. And you all can read the whole article on their website, or by clicking on the link in my bio section. I am super excited about this month, there are so many exciting things planned. 

Coming back to today’s look, I love how nightwear’s are in trend. From daily ootd’s to runway, it is all over. Lots of designers had fun with the look this season. Robe dresses were on the catwalk, and some catwalks layered silk slip dresses over the top of Pallazo pants. I am completely loving this trend. I received this polka print nightsuit from Clovia fashions, I absolutely love their range, you gotta check them out.

I truly believe in experimenting things up, and I love how they turn out to be. Same happened with this look, my main advice is not to be nervous when you’re are going to try this look as it’s so sexy. Don’t be scared when you wear pyjamas. Just add statement earrings and high heels and you’ll be filled with confidence. 
Do let me know what you think about this look? And what posts you guys want me to do !

Until next time,


Outfit details-

Nightsuit- Clovia fashions

Brallete- Colaba causeway [street find]

Heels- Steve Madden

Choker- Pipabella

Earrings- forever 21.

Festive joy// ft.Myntra 

Hey you guys, how is festive season treating you ? I am super happy as it is my favourite time of the year. I love everything about Diwali, back then in my childhood days I use to eagerly wait, as we use to get a chance to shop and treat yourself with some real delicious laddoos. I still remember all those endless trips to the market with mother and getting the house ready to welcome Diwali.

Now coming back to today’s outfit, I received this dress from Myntra the other day, I happen to love every detail about the dress. Though, not being a fan of indian outfits, I love to dress up on occasions. This dress is so simple and comfortable that I can literally live in, also not to forget the sharara pants are so in trend , I wore a maangtika and gold bangles and I am obsessed with the phool gajras, how can I forget to wear it? Haha ! I love how accessorises can beautifully change a simple outfit. And I am all set to enjoy this festive season. Also, I will be sharing my Diwali outfit post over here.

On a side note, Myntra is having some crazy deals going on ! So what are you waiting for? Go get shopping, and have a fashionable Diwali.

Happy Diwali you guys and have a safe one.

Until next time,


Outfit details-

Dress- Myntra

Shoes- Aldo shoes

Bangles- Street buy


The Mithai story// ft. WearRheson

Hello you guys, how are you doing? hope everything is great. I am personally not quite happy about this weather, Bombay rains are unpredictable, Gaahh ! First of all, I am overwhelmed from the response on the Outfit posts idea. I am glad that you guys are liking it so far.
Coming back to today’s look, I am going to talk about this cute little kurti dress from the brand ‘Rheson’ .Incase you guys don’t know about the clothing brand, it is owned by the stylish sister duo Rhea kapoor and Sonam kapoor. I really love their clothing line, they are super edgy and comfy, the best part is they are pocket friendly! And who doesn’t love affordable fashion? Oh okay, coming back this dress is from their ‘Mithai collection’ . This collection is my personal favourite, it so yumm. Haha ! I am a sucker for sweets, just letting you know. 

I decided to keep this look cute and minimal, I paired my go to oversized denim along with my fenty shoes and carried a yellow funk bag along to add a pop of colour and not to forget the hoop earrings, I am currently stuck over it. You can spot all my favourites in one frame. That is it for today’s post.
Until next time,


Outfit details-

Dress- Wear Rheson.

Denim jacket- Shein.official


Shoes- FentyXpuma

Hoop earrings- Forever 21.


Hello, you beautiful people out there. Hope you are doing well and having a kickass time at what you love doing. So, today’s post was completely unplanned. Also, many of you suggested me to post my weekly OOTD pictures with details here.

Keeping that on mind I finally came up with this idea of doing it on blog. I’ll atleast try and upload 2 OOTD post in a week. I just don’t want to bore you guys with the usual content. I will make sure to create and play around with looks which you can carry off on your day to day life. 

Starting of with this series, I decided to share this look which you might have already seen on my Instagram, I wore this outfit on Dussehra. I completely love how a simple duppata changed the whole look, also If you follow my style, I am not really a Ethnic wear person. But I love playing around with my outfit, to complete the look I decided to go with hoop earrings which are so in these days and not to forget the phool gajra. This whole look gave me the major 8O’s vibe.

Here are the pictures, Enjoy ! 

Also do share your views on this.

Lots of love,



Hola ! How’s weekend treating you ? hope you all are having most of your time. Well I’ll just sit back home and relax, and complete all the pending work, editing and plan next looks for you guys. Yeah, that pretty much sums up my plan for the weekend. 

Also, I want to thank you guys for your amazing response on my previous story, I hope you all enjoy reading my posts as much as I love creating them. Coming back to today’s look, I am a person who eyes on everything minimal. In a sea of over the top ensembles, a minimal aesthetic can be totally refreshing. But if you want to lead a minimal life, assessing your wardrobe is a great place to start. Don’t get me wrong- I love bold styles too.

But, I personally love opting monochrome palette and keep it minimalistic at one go. So, I decided to pair my tshirt dress with my ruffled grey trousers, I loved how the grey tones get along. Showing a handful of neutral options below that can be mixed, matched and layered, to me….there are no rules, I love the idea of stacking clothes, pairing a variety of textures and weaves and playing with neutral tones. 

Lots of love.
Until next time,


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